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Why Capital Helicopters?

We are your best source for adding a Robinson helicopter to your flight line because we offer ...


Lowest Overall Cost

We proudly offer Robinson helicopter leases to our clients at the lowest cost. Additionally, the more you fly, the lower your effective hourly lease rate. This is achieved through a lease rate structure that consists of a fixed fee for each hour the helicopter is flown and a nominal fee for each day the helicopter is in your possession. There are other factors that can further lower your overall lease cost such as Hobbs Time Savings and Advance Rent Benefits. To find out your specific lease cost for a helicopter tailored to your needs, please request a free, no-obligation Lease Quote.

No Minimum Flight Hours

It is our policy not to constrain our clients with minimum flight time requirements. You fly your leased helicopters as much or as little as you want. However, the more you fly, the lower your effective hourly lease rate would be.

Hobbs Time Savings

All Helicopters are equipped with Hobbs meters measuring helicopter utilization time as either the total time the engine is running or as the total time the helicopter is actually flying. Depending on the types of missions a helicopter is used for, the helicopter sits on the ground for startup, cool-down, passenger (un)loading, maintenance runs, etc. for about 15% to 50% of its engine running time. Thus, engine running time is typically about 15% to 50% higher than actual flight time.

Most lessors require that Hobbs meters on leased helicopters measure engine running time and not actual flight time resulting in significantly higher costs even at the same lease rate. Capital Helicopters does not require you to have a Hobbs meter measuring engine running time which may further reduce your total lease cost by up to 50%!

Great "Advance Rent" Benefits

As an option, you may pre-purchase some of your flight time in form of Advance Rent at incredibly low rates. The discount you receive is equivalent to getting a return of about 20% interest on your upfront "investment". You may pre-purchase any number (up to 400) of hours. To make use of this risk-free, high-return benefit, all advance rent must be paid within four weeks of signing the lease agreement. If you had pre-purchased more flight time than you utilized by the time your lease ends, the remaining Advance Rent balance will be returned to you together with your security deposit.

Month-to-Month Renewals

We are pleased to offer helicopter leases without long-term commitments and with the most flexible lease cancellation policy. After your initial one-year lease, the lease automatically renews on a monthly basis until cancelled. To cancel the lease you simply provide a three-month written notice and return the helicopter at the time the cancellation becomes effective.

Flexible Acquisition Options

We are committed to supply you with a Robinson helicopter that best suits your needs. You may either lease one of our helicopters we have in stock, or we can purchase a suitable helicopter for you to lease. This purchase can be ...

  • a factory-new model with options, avionics, colors and N-number of your choice;
  • the result of the assignment of your own helicopter purchase agreement to us;
  • from you, if you own a helicopter and realize that a lease arrangement is more beneficial to you than owning that helicopter.

Whatever the scenario may be, we look forward to working with you to determining the best helicopter acquisition option for you.

Minimal Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit becomes due at the time you execute the lease agreement. This deposit will be refunded once you fulfilled all your contractual obligations at the end of your lease. The amount of the security deposit is determined on a case-by-case basis but generally is minimal. Return clients and clients with substantial Advance Rent commitments may not be required to pay a security deposit.

Thorough Lease Agreement

To protect your interests Capital Helicopters uses a carefully crafted, quality lease agreement. It is based on standard lease agreements used in the aviation industry for decades and refined by aviation attorneys. Capital Helicopters' lease agreement clearly defines all responsibilities and expectations of both parties considering all aspects related to the helicopter and its use, thus, avoiding any misunderstandings or disputes in the future and ensuring that you can operate your leased helicopter with the peace of mind you deserve.

Online Lease Account Management

All our leasing clients are provided with the option of managing their leases online. This optional benefit will enable you to securely access an electronic version of your lease, report hours flown during the last billing cycle, calculate rents due, view all historical transactions, etc.

Exceptional Customer Service

Capital Helicopters' primary goal is customer satisfaction! We value the importance of having a hassle-free process for acquiring and keeping the helicopter on your flight line. To our best abilities, we will ensure to accommodate all your needs not only during the lease application and helicopter acquisition phases, but also throughout your possession and operation of the helicopter. Our customer service is available and committed to assist you 7 days per week.

At any time, please contact us with your questions, comments, and concerns and to let us know how we are doing and how we can serve you even better.

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