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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a helicopter lease?
A helicopter lease is an agreement to pay for the use of a helicopter for a specific time period at a predetermined rate. Essentially, we are purchasing the helicopter of your choice for your use and when you no longer need the helicopter you return it to us with no further obligations. There are a number of advantages to leasing which makes it an attractive option for many businesses and individuals.

Shouldn't I own the helicopter?
It is the USE of the helicopter that generates profits or personal benefits, NOT ITS OWNERSHIP! Leasing is a practical way to use a new helicopter and compares favorably with other forms of financing, costing you about the same. However, there are a number of advantages to leasing which makes leasing a very attractive option. In fact, over 80% of all businesses choose leasing over purchasing. See our Lease vs. Buy section for more details.

Isn't leasing complicated?
Not at all. The application process is less complex and faster than trying to obtain a loan from a bank or conventional lender. Additionally, at the end of the lease you simply return the helicopter relieving you of the time, effort, stress, and expenses associated with the need of having to find a buyer for the helicopter.

Which one is less expensive: Leasing or Purchasing?
Anyone who says that leasing always costs more is just as wrong as anyone who says it always costs less. The truth is it costs you about the same to lease a helicopter as it might to buy it. To accurately answer that question, you have to look at your net-after-tax-cost for the whole life-cycle of usage starting with any initial deposit or down payment until you dispose of the helicopter by returning the leased helicopter to the lessor or by selling the purchased helicopter. As part of a lease application, we can provide you with a detailed life-cycle cost analysis comparing all lease expenses with all ownership expenses customized to the helicopter of your choice and at the utilization you expect.

Why should I lease from Capital Helicopters?
We are able to qualify customers that may not qualify for a helicopter lease elsewhere, we can make any credit decisions and lease approvals very quickly, we offer the lowest rates and best terms in the industry, we give the opportunity to prepay for flight time to even further lower the lowest rates, we offer the most flexible and cost-effect helicopter acquisition options, we do not require our customers to fly any minimum number of hours, we allow you to utilize a flight-time Hobbs meter instead of an engine-time Hobbs meter, we offer month-to-month renewals, online lease account management, and a touroughly crafted lease agreement. We provide 7-day per week customer service and are always committed to assist you with your Robinson helicopter needs. See our Why Capital Helicopters section for more details.

How much does it cost to lease a helicopter from you?
We proud ourselves offering Robinson helicopter leases at the lowest overall cost in the market place. To find out your specific lease cost for a helicopter tailored to your needs, please request a free, no-obligation Lease Quote.

Can anyone lease a helicopter from you?
We are leasing to any individuals or businesses including flight schools that are committed to maintaining their helicopters to a high standard of airworthiness, who consider safety as their first priority and who have adequate financial resources to meet their lease obligations.

Who selects the helicopter?
You do! - and we can provide as much or as little assistance in the process. See our Acquisition Options section for more detail.

How quickly can I get my helicopter?
If we have a suitable helicopter in our inventory it can be picked up in as little as 48 hours after you sign the lease. For fully customized, factory-new models the wait time usually varies between 3 and 6 months.

How do I take possession of my helicopter and who pays for any ferry expenses?
Factory-new Robinson helicopters will be available for pick up at the Robinson factory in Torrance, California. Other helicopters need to be picked up from their respective location anywhere in the continental U.S. You will be responsible for all ferry costs and flight time from the place of pick-up to your operating location.

Do you require a minimum number of hours per month?
No. You fly as much or as little as you need.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the helicopter?
As the lessee you are responsible to maintain the helicopter in excellent working order and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Who is responsible for insurance?
You are required to maintain at your expense appropriate hull and liability coverage at all times during your lease and have Capital Helicopters listed as an additional insured on your policy. You are responsible for operating the helicopter not only in compliance with all applicable laws and lease covenants but also in full compliance with your insurance policy.

Can I use Pathfinder as insurance provider?
Yes you can. We may have to require a higher security deposit if you insure the helicopter through Pathfinder. The advantage of using Pathfinder for your Robinson helicopter insurance needs is that your premium is less than half of what any US insurance company charges. Before you decide on any insurance company, carefully read the fine print and fully understand how you are covered and what deductibles and other out-of pocket expenses you may incur in case of a damaged helicopter.

How does the warranty work?
If you lease a factory-new helicopter you receive the benefit of all 'buyer' warranties including Robinson's 24-months/1,000 hours limited warranty on the airframe and Lycoming's 24-months limited warranty on the powerplant.

Which expenses do I pay and which ones are paid for by Capital Helicopters?
We will purchase the helicopter and pay for all ownership costs including the full purchase price and applicable sales tax, property tax, the cost for any equipment that may be installed after the helicopter is purchased, the cost for any parts necessary to comply with any Airworthiness Directive (AD) and we will pay for any overhauls. We will lease the helicopter to you as a dry/net lease and you will be responsible for all operational expenses including all lease payments, insurance premiums, fuel, oil, maintenance, and hanger charges, as well as any applicable taxes associated with any of these expenses.

What happens if the helicopter is damaged?
You are responsible for the repair of all damages. Your insurance may cover all or part of your repair costs. If the helicopter cannot be repaired you are responsible with the assistance of your insurance company to either replace the helicopter or to terminate the lease and reimburse Capital Helicopters for its loss.

What happens to the helicopter when the lease terminates?
At the end of the lease, you will have the option to either purchase the helicopter for its fair market value or to return the helicopter to Capital Helicopters at your cost.

How do I apply for a lease?
It's fast and easy! After obtaining a Lease Quote simply follow our lease application instructions to complete our one-page application form and submit it to Capital Helicopters together with any supplemental information. Most applications can be approved within two business days of receipt of your application.

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